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Superga is rich in history, originating in 1911 from Italy with the original Tennis shoe. Fast forward 107 years, Superga now have a cult following with their ‘2750 Cotu Classic’ being worn by people all over the world including celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Rita Ora and Suki Waterhouse.

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Born in Italy in 1967, Kappa is a leading sportswear and lifestyle brand, worn by the biggest teams and brightest stars.

Kappa is sport, all sports. it is the history, the values and faces of sport. Kappa is the movement inspiring every sporting deed, big or small, classic or everyday, famous or unknown. Kappa is the brand for people who need to exteriorise their cultural closeness to the sport they practise. 

Kappa is people on the move. 



The brand has become synonymous with the leader of sports leisure wear and activewear though their tees, shoes and track pants being the brand of choice by professional sports stars as well as sponsoring events such as Tour De France and Wimbledon. Le Coq Sportif has  provided official uniforms for the three time world cup winning Italian soccer team, Manchester City FC and our very own QANTAS Wallabies.



The denim specialty label was created in 2008 when jean maker Jason Denham found that Denim was losing it’s celebrated excitment. He gathered a dedicated team of creatives who sourced the highest quality long fibre yarns, partnered with Italy’s best denim weavers, who shared an obsession with how fabrics age and a passion for innovation to create a line of clothing that balances deep authenticity, inventive contemporary detailing and distinctively modern clothing. To ensure that their products are of the highest quality they offer in store denim tailoring and restoration as well as 360 degree feedback loop mirror to continuously monitor and refine fit and feel. 

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Leonardo Servadio was born in 1925 into a family of proud Italian tailors from Perugia, central Italy. His family appreciated and respected fashion, and Leonardo followed in their footsteps.

But he also had another passion: skiing. And when he couldn’t find the exact skiwear he wanted, the answer was obvious – to design and manufacture his own. His aims? To bring style to the ski slopes, and to revolutionise the clothing industry.

Leonardo founded Ellesse on 19 June 1959, creating a brand that took not just his initials – L S – but also his values. From the start, passion, quality, design, determination, commitment and creativity were at the heart of the business.

From the very start, Leonardo sought to embed a sense of fun and play in his work. For him, sport was about more than just winning. He and his team brought colour, passion and creativity to people on and off the slopes.

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